Child Custody Law


Getting a divorce is filled with unpleasant and uncomfortable moments, none more so than determining custody of the children involved. The divorce will change the children forever and it is imperative that some sense of stability and comfort be established by the final custody agreement.

At The Law Offices of Michael Catalanotto, PC, we are determined to help clients minimize the pain for their children by reaching that custody agreement as painlessly and as quickly as possible. However, there are many factors that go into determining custody, and we will work with both parties to discuss whether or not the two parents have already come to some sort of working custody agreement that could stand up in court as well as the needs of each child, the stability of each parent and the stability of the environment to which the children are accustomed. The Law Offices of Michael Catalanotto, PC has been successful in attaining custody after a hearing for both fathers and mothers.

The Law Offices of Michael Catalanotto, PC offers free consultations and takes pride in providing one-on-one attention to clients throughout New York. In addition to handling New York custody cases, our staff can provide you expert counsel and personal guidance on dozens of other legal issues. To set up a meeting, email us or call us at (631) 656-0900.