Order of Protection

Orders of Protection

Obtaining an order of protection is not something anyone wants to do or decides to do without a great deal of consideration, yet when an order of protection is unavoidable, it is imperative that it be filed quickly and thoroughly by a lawyer who can present it with the urgency it deserves so that the order goes into effect as fast as possible.

The staff at the Law Offices of Michael Catalanotto, PC have handled countless New York orders of protection and will meet with clients to discuss the factors that have created this untenable situation (such as a family member harassing, threatening or getting physical with another family member, drug use and/or mental problems) as well as to determine what is needed: A “stay away” order of protection or a “refrain from” order of protection. We can also discuss whether or not to add clauses to the order of protection ordering one or both parties to attend anger management classes or to undergo counseling, mental health or substance abuse treatment or evaluations.

The Law Offices of Michael Catalanotto, PC offers free consultations and takes pride in providing one-on-one attention to clients throughout New York. In addition to handling New York orders of protection, our staff can provide you expert counsel and personal guidance on dozens of other legal issues. To set up a meeting, email us atinfo@lawyersliny.com or call us at (631) 656-0900.