real estate law

Real Estate Law

Real estate law is plentiful and complex. There are seemingly no limits to what has to be settled before buying a property as well as no limit to the potential litigation that can arise during and after the process.

But the staff at the Law Offices of Michael Catalanotto, PC has years of experience in dealing with New York real estate law and is eager to work with you to produce a seamless purchase or sale of property. We provide guidance and advice on dozens of real estate topics, including purchase/sale/transfer, real estate closings, title claims and title insurance, leasing, refinancing, foreclosure and eviction as well as numerous issues that can crop up once you occupy a house or apartment, such as disputes centering around property lines, boundaries and fences.

The Law Offices of Michael Catalanotto, PC offers free consultations and takes pride in providing one-on-one attention to clients throughout New York. In addition to handling New York real estate matters, our staff can provide you expert counsel and personal guidance on dozens of other legal issues. To set up a meeting, email us at or call us at (631) 656-0900.